Soft Drinks Pack a Hard Punch

Soft drinks are bad for your teeth in more ways than one. There's sugar, and then there's acidity. The sugar provides necessary food for the bad bacteria in your mouth. If you're drinking the national average of two cans of soft drinks a day, you're giving aid and sustenance to the enemy. Bacteria eat what [...]

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Is Snoring an Issue at Your House?

Snoring Mouthguards in Southfield, MI To treat obstructive sleep apnea. Do the walls of your house vibrate at night? Does your dog or cat sleep with his paws over his ears? If so, you may find some benefit in this article. In some men or women, snoring can be reduced or eliminated simply by wearing [...]

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Quitting Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco affects your dental health as well as the rest of your body. If you use smokeless tobacco and have thought about quitting, we can help. How do you kick the habit? We can help you kick your chewing tobacco habit. In addition to cleaning teeth and treating bad breath and puffy, swollen gums [...]

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Brushing Tips

What is the best technique for brushing? There are a number of effective brushing techniques. Patients are advised to ask during an appointment to determine which is the best one for them, since tooth position and gum condition vary. One effective, easy-to-remember technique involves using a circular or elliptical motion to brush a couple of [...]

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Tooth Decay: A Preventable Disease

What is tooth decay, and what causes it? Tooth decay is the disease known as caries or cavities. It is not life threatening and is although it is highly preventable, it will affect most people to some degree during their lifetime. Tooth decay occurs when your teeth are frequently exposed to foods containing carbohydrates (starches [...]

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Causes and Treatments for TMJ Disorders

What is the Temporomandibular Joint? The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a joint that slides and rotates just in front of your ear, consisting of the side and base of the skull (temporal bone) and the lower jaw (mandible). Chewing muscles connect the lower jaw to the skull, allowing you to move your jaw forward, sideways, [...]

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Women’s Oral Health

Women's Oral Health FAQs Do women need to be more careful with their oral health? Women's oral health depends on their different stages of life. For many women, these changes are directly related to surges in sex hormone levels, such as in puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and menopause. Women are also more likely to be [...]

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Routine Dental Checkup in Southfield, MI

Why Your Checkup Is Good For More Than Just Your Teeth! When you visit our office for that routine checkup, our team does a lot more than just probe for cavities. In addition to caring for your teeth, we're giving you the next best thing to a complete physical examination. If it's been a while [...]

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Putting the Squeeze on Toothpaste

Toothpaste Use and FAQs Why is brushing with it important? Brushing with toothpaste is important for several reasons.  First and foremost, a toothpaste and a correct brushing action work to remove plaque, a sticky, harmful film of bacteria that grows on your teeth that causes caries, gum disease, and eventual tooth loss if not controlled.  [...]

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A Brighter Smile With Teeth Whitening

You've lived this long, you've earned it… No doubt about it. We're living longer, we're living better. All that effort put into diet and exercise is paying off. And while you're going through your paces on the treadmill, do consider another part of you that might need a bit of improvement: your smile. With age, [...]

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