Metal-Free Fillings

Metal-Free, Tooth-Colored Fillings in Southfield, MI Fix cavities or replace old mercury amalgams with tooth-colored fillings. The aesthetic results are beyond compare: your teeth will look as fresh, white, and natural as when they first grew in. Chewing puts incredible stresses on teeth. That's why, in the past, filling cavities and restoring damaged teeth usually [...]

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Your Mouth and Gum Disease

"A Family Affair" Think of the great things you've passed along to your kids: sense of humor, charm, style, wit—why, the list could go on and on of course! Unfortunately, some of the things that get passed from parent to child aren't that great. One is a predisposition towards periodontitis, or gum disease. Of the [...]

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Help for Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Dry Mouth Treatment in Southfield, MI Reduced saliva (xerostomia) can increase cavities and tooth decay. Does your mouth seem uncomfortably dry? Or have you been diagnosed with dry mouth as a side effect of medication or cancer therapy? Either way, here's what you need to know about dry mouth: Lack of saliva is not only [...]

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Even Tiny Tooth Cracks Need Attention

Every Crack & Chip Needs Prompt Treatment No chip or crack is insignificant. Repair damaged teeth in Southfield, MI Unfortunately, some cracks are too small to be seen, even by a trained eye. Sometimes the culprit is a hairline crack in what looks like a healthy tooth. Often, patients aren't aware of the damage until [...]

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Root Surface Caries

Treatment for Root Caries in Southfield, MI A common problem as we grow older... As the population ages—more gracefully than ever, of course—people are getting less dentures and keeping more of their natural teeth. Along with this positive trend, however, comes different health problems. One of the most common is cavities on the surface of [...]

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Are You Missing a Tooth?

Choose the Right Replacement Option! Replace missing teeth in Detroit & Southfield, MI CROWN & BRIDGE is a collective phrase for several methods of restoring teeth. When a tooth has been damaged but is healthy enough to save, we place a crown that covers it and binds it together for strength. Crowns can be fashioned [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions 2019

Resolutions for a Healthy 2019! We care about you as patients, and as friends too! As we all try to get healthier in the New Year, here are some common resolutions that can improve your dental health and overall well-being. And if it's been awhile since your last checkup, get the New Year started off [...]

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Common Causes of Toothache

Toothache Treatment in Southfield, MI "My tooth hurts. It must mean a cavity?" Well, maybe it does. However, other conditions can cause a tooth to be sensitive to either hot or cold foods, to the pressure of chewing... or to just plain ache. A few of these other toothache possibilities are: Shrinkage of the gum [...]

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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Detroit & Southfield, MI

All About Wisdom Teeth Removal And what exactly does 'impacted' mean? Any tooth has the potential to become impacted—that is, emerge in some oddball direction that crowds other teeth. But the most famous culprits are third molars, the last-to-emerge wisdom teeth. Not many mouths can accommodate these teeth. They often wind up pressing against their [...]

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Pregnancy and Dental Health

How does pregnancy affect my oral health? It's a myth that calcium is lost from the mother's teeth, but you may experience some changes in your oral health during pregnancy. The primary change is a surge in hormones—particularly an increase in estrogen and progesterone—which is linked to an increase in the amount of plaque on [...]

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